What are the advantages/disadvantages to selling my diamonds on consignment through DeSumma & Wexler?

If you have some old jewelry in the house you don’t wear anymore, think about the opportunities waiting at DeSumma and Wexler. As one of the reputable diamond jewelry buyers located in the historic Jewelers' Row district in Center City, Philadelphia, we are prepared to appraise your jewelry, get the best price, and put cash in your pocket. With our fabulous location and our online presence, we have a reputation that distinguishes us from our competition. DeSumma and Wexler’s experience with consignment engagement rings and jewelry will allow you to take advantage of the current used diamond jewelry market now at historic values.

Jewelry and Diamond Consignment Stores
The main disadvantage of consignment sales is the wait time. If you need upfront cash, a direct sale provides you with an immediate transaction. But the advantages of working with our experienced team at DeSumma and Wexler, putting it into the hands of trusted professionals, and selling diamond jewelry on consignment far outweigh the generally short time it takes us to secure a successful sale.

When weighing the options, it helps to have some basic numbers to make an informed decision.  After the melt value is determined, DeSumma and Wexler can also offer you with a number for an outright sale. When you measure these figures against the numbers we know we are capable of achieving in the market, you’ll soon see why DeSumma and Wexler is the best place to sell diamonds and jewelry.

Come on in and check out our dazzling store in Center City today. We strive to make your visit fun and your buying experience satisfying. Selling diamond jewelry on consignment relies on experience and reputation as well as quality, and DeSumma and Wexler is proud to be serving satisfied customers for many years. If you are looking for consignment engagement rings and jewelry, or you want to know more about selling consignment jewelry through DeSumma & Wexler, call us at 215-627-5379. We know how to make your old jewelry shine in the market.