Where can I sell my used diamond jewelry to ensure that I receive a fair price?

To ensure that you receive a fair price on your used diamond jewelry, you first need the proper information regarding your jewelry value from an expert. Our process empowers the client to make an informed decision. With no obligation to sell, our team of experts will provide you with accurate information including a diamond quote at no cost to you. It is this information that allows a seller to understand the value of their jewelry at the melt/breakdown point and the value of the piece if were to stay intact and sold on the secondary “estate” market.

The following steps are taken to evaluate and price your used diamonds:

  1. Evaluate the condition of the piece.
  2. Check for and verify trademarks or maker marks. Age, quality and reputation of the manufacturer all contribute to jewelry value.
  3. Verify purity and weights of the platinum and gold jewelry by precise measurement.
  4. Verify and test diamonds and gemstones to prove that they are genuine.
  5. Estimate weights of diamonds and gemstones, and cross-check against old receipts and appraisals that you may have provided us.
  6. Examine and inspect diamond and gemstone quality, which will help determine the diamond’s price.
  7. Identify and explain market trends to give you sense of what people are looking for.
  8. Give you best and worst case scenarios to determine if you would like to sell your jewelry outright for cash, or expose the diamond to a global marketplace.

Our retail location on Jewelers’ Row in Philadelphia and global connections in the diamond and jewelry trade allow us to extend you the best possible price on your diamond jewelry. We have a worldwide reach to customers as an established and reputable seller of used and vintage jewelry. This allows us to market and showcase each individual piece to a large audience. Our presentation of your piece will ultimately find the highest bidder. Professional photography, quality guarantees and a fair price to a potential buyer of each individual piece of jewelry ensures you, the client, that you have exposed your jewelry in the best possible way to the most amount of people. All of these attributes and attention to detail allow us to proudly consider ourselves one of the best places to sell your diamonds and used jewelry.