What is the difference between selling my diamonds directly and selling them by consignment?

If you don’t know how to sell jewelry, and you’re unfamiliar with the finer points, selling a diamond engagement ring can be a challenge. At DeSumma and Wexler, we have been in the business of selling diamond jewelry on consignment for a long time, and we enjoy a long standing reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction. A proud member of the world-famous Jewelers' Row in Philadelphia, we offer experienced and reliable appraisals in our Sansom Street store and cash for diamond jewelry. If you want an appraisal you can trust, and a deal you will be happy with, DeSumma and Wexler has been making customers happy for decades.

Not all diamond jewelry buyers are the same, and finding the best place to sell diamonds and jewelry depends on many factors. Reliability, experience, and certified knowledge are key characteristics in making your decision. At DeSumma and Wexler, we always measure the appraisal of any diamond jewelry against its melt value, or its base material price, to establish a reliable evaluation. We also have the detailed knowledge to evaluate every stone and every setting, and our knowledge of the name brands is extensive.

When you sell diamonds directly, you are receiving cash for diamond jewelry immediately, but at a lower rate. When you use DeSumma and Wexler’s consignment services, you can take full advantage of our experience and ability to evaluate the jewelry, and derive the best price on the market. Our online shopping experience reaches out to many buyers on the web, and our well-known store makes for a fun and effective solution for selling diamond jewelry on consignment.

Come in to talk to us today, visit our online store, or feel free to call us directly at 215-627-5379. DeSumma and Wexler can help you when you are considering how to sell jewelry for the best price. With our reputation, experience, and marketing power, DeSumma and Wexler takes the guesswork out of how and where to sell your engagement ring and diamond jewelry.