If I am selling designer jewelry, how does that affect my decision on whether to sell direct or on consignment?

Designer jewelry is a big global market, and designer pieces are currently in very high demand. Selling diamond jewelry on consignment is best left to the professionals for several important reasons. DeSumma and Wexler can do the job of professionally photographing your piece and providing the reputable information and guarantees to a customer. This is nearly impossible to do if a client decides to sell their jewelry personally. When the sale is brokered through a trusted and disinterested jewelry consignment stores with years of experience and a trusted reputation like DeSumma and Wexler, buyers generally have more confidence in the sale. If a client has a box, papers, or other certificates of authenticity, this can also make a piece more marketable, and provide an end user with more confidence in buying a secondhand piece. In this case, it makes great sense to be patient and let its value rise after proper exposure in the global marketplace. DeSumma and Wexler’s marketing department is committed to showing your piece in the best possible light.

If you don’t have time to wait, you can still get top dollar for used designer jewelry.  A direct offer is often based on intrinsic value.  For example, for many designer pieces built in sterling silver, the intrinsic value is less than it would be in a more valuable metal such as gold or platinum.  Sterling silver pieces are always more valuable sold in their entirety rather than breaking them down. DeSumma and Wexler’s wide ranging experience with these fine points of jewelry sales will prove invaluable.

DeSumma and Wexler is located in the historic district known as Jewelers’ Row in downtown Philadelphia, right in the heart of the most vibrant market in the tri-state area. If you are looking for the best place to sell diamonds and jewelry, DeSumma and Wexler are diamond jewelry buyers you can trust. We specialize in consignment engagement rings and other pieces of diamond jewelry.  In a competitive market, our reputation for consignment sales is as distinguished as our location. Visit us or call us at 215-627-5379 today and see what we can do for you.