How do weight and shape determine the value of my diamonds?

When inspecting used diamond jewelry, there are many aspects that determine the value of a diamond. It is important to go to a reliable used diamond jewelry buyer who knows and understands the significance of these factors, especially when selling your engagement ring, earrings, or another piece of jewelry.

The Weight of Your Jewelry and Diamond Prices
The diamond weight is the most crucial factor of a used diamond’s value. The diamond weight is also the only objective factor of all quality grades, and it has the most influence on the value of a diamond. The value and price of a diamond exponentially increases at certain weights. For instance, the price of a diamond increases at .75 ct, 1.00 ct, 1.50 ct, 2.00 ct and so on. It is common for savvy shoppers to search for diamonds at “magic” numbers such as .95 cts. A diamond at that weight will look like the size of a 1.00 ct will save hundreds of dollars at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, those same principles will apply to that diamond when you are selling it either for cash or on consignment.

How to Sell Jewelry Based on the Shape of the Diamonds
The shape of a diamond is very important to the value of the diamond. The most valuable shape is the round brilliant cut diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond is a classic and timeless shape. It happens to be the most desirable worldwide and in high demand. Demand drives value and increases the likelihood that the diamond will be sold in the shortest period of time. Any shaped diamond other than a round brilliant cut diamond is considered a fancy shaped diamond. This includes princess, cushion, emerald, asscher, oval, pear, radiant, heart, and marquise shaped diamonds. The fancy shaped diamond market is a very trendy market. Different shapes fall in and out of style depending on the latest trends. A misshaped fancy diamond becomes even more difficult to sell, even at very deep discounts.

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