What's the difference between certified and non-certified diamond jewelry?

There is a big difference between certified and non-certified diamond jewelry. If your used jewelry is “certified,” the first question you need to ask yourself regards the credibility of your certification. An independent and credible laboratory such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gives you, the seller, the best assurance to accurately describe the quality of your diamond jewelry. Laboratories other than the GIA all use different standards of quality grading. Generally, appraisals for certified diamond jewelry from an “in-house” laboratory will rate its own quality higher than what it really is. All of our consultants at DeSumma and Wexler are GIA certified, so when we evaluate and buy diamond jewelry, we do so by those standards. Whether or not you are getting an opinion of value or serious about selling you will 100% know that you are getting accurate and honest quality evaluation at DeSumma and Wexler Fine Jewelry.

If your used diamond jewelry is non-certified, this does not mean that the diamonds featured on this piece of jewelry is fake or less valuable. A non-certified diamond’s grade and other important information are determined by a seller rather than a laboratory such as the GIA. By using the seller’s knowledge to determine this information, you have to be sure that the seller is experienced and skilled in determining all of these factors. Although non-certified diamond jewelry may be of the same quality, certified diamonds are often priced higher due to the cost of certification.

DeSumma and Wexler are one of the few diamond jewelry buyers who will purchase your used diamond jewelry regardless of its certification or lack thereof. This along with our experience and knowledge makes us the best place to sell diamond jewelry. Get cash for your used diamond jewelry from one of the leading stores on Jewelers’ Row.