How does color determine the value of my diamonds?

The color of a diamond is another important factor that determines diamond prices. The body color of a diamond is very similar to clarity in regard to the value of the diamond. The less color a white diamond has, the higher its value.

Using the Diamond Color Scale to Price Used Diamonds
A diamond’s color is graded on the GIA Diamond Color Scale, which classifies diamonds from colorless to light color using letters.  The following is a guide to the GIA Diamond Color Scale:

  • Colorless – D, E, F
  • Near Colorless – G, H, I
  • Faint Color – K, L, M
  • Very Light Color – N-R
  • Light Color – S-Z

The Importance of a Diamond’s Color when Selling Your Used Jewelry
When we purchase a diamond or take it on a consignment basis, it is important for us to always compare the color of a diamond next to other GIA rated color diamonds.  We find that most diamonds that are uncertified, or rated by laboratories other than the GIA, are not true color grades.  It is not uncommon for us to find that the color of your used diamond can be inaccurate as much as three color grades when compared to a GIA rated diamond.  This often surprises people, who are looking to sell their used diamond jewelry, because they were not informed of this when they were purchasing the piece.  Laboratories with lenient grading do not consider themselves to be dishonest, but justify their quality grades as their own “unique” standards.  

Diamonds that are rated in the colorless (D to E) and the near colorless (G to J) grouping are going to hold their value the most.  We have started to see diamonds with a K color becoming more prominent in today’s marketplace.  Today’s diamond consumers will often justify purchasing a diamond with some color so they can get a diamond that is bigger and a better cut grade.

Selling Your Used Diamonds at DeSumma and Wexler
Knowing how to sell diamond rings and jewelry requires the knowledge and experience of a diamond jewelry buyer, and DeSumma and Wexler has exactly that.  We are the best place to get cash for your used diamond jewelry, or where to sell it on consignment.  Our jewelry buyers make the selling process uncomplicated, and you can be sure that you are getting the best price for your pieces.