What do I do with my engagement and/or wedding ring(s) after divorce?

When recovering from a divorce, sometimes it helps to follow a set of steps for different tasks, and selling diamond jewelry is no different. You may be wondering, “How can I sell my wedding ring and engagement ring?” If you need to get cash for diamond jewelry and you want to know what to do with an engagement ring after divorce, the market has never been better to get top value for your diamond jewelry. DeSumma and Wexler can help you through the steps of how to sell an engagement ring, and we make sure you derive the best price for your diamonds after divorce.

First, bring your rings to us so we can gather information on the engagement ring and wedding bands, like the quality of the metal and gemstones, and specifically the diamonds. We carefully evaluate the condition of the rings and how they can be improved to increase the resale value.  Then we can determine the best approach to the market for resale. We compare the melt and breakdown value of the material to the value of selling each ring as one piece of jewelry. We determine whether or not it is beneficial to independently certify a diamond, resubmit a diamond for a better grade, or possibly re-cut a diamond. DeSumma and Wexler will also be pleased to discuss the price of direct sales versus selling diamond jewelry on consignment, and the possibility of repurposing the rings.

DeSumma and Wexler can help you market your engagement ring after divorce, and also help you get cash for diamond jewelry in a timely and effective way. We have experience with selling wedding rings, and we know what to do with an engagement or wedding ring after divorce. If you need to find the best place to sell diamonds and jewelry, and you need to sell diamonds after divorce, give us a call at 215-627-5379. We’ll take care of the rest.