What marks the difference between used/estate jewelry and vintage/antique jewelry?

DeSumma and Wexler are used and estate jewelry buyers with a specialized knowledge of vintage designer jewelry. Our experience with vintage designer jewelry buyers and antique jewelry buyers makes us the preferred choice throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for selling diamond jewelry on consignment. We can make a detailed appraisal of your jewelry and give you the best price in a market currently experiencing historic values. If you want to take advantage of this attractive and active market, DeSumma and Wexler is poised to offer professional services designed to derive the best possible return. Whether your pieces are modern and contemporary or you have vintage designer jewelry, we can make the crucial difference.

Most used and estate jewelry have more modern cut diamonds with modern design and workmanship, but used and estate jewelry can be from any time period, and its value can vary considerably. Vintage and antique jewelry can have old-world craftsmanship, design, and workmanship.  Many times, vintage and antique jewelry have old-fashioned cut diamonds, like old European, antique cushion, and single cut diamonds. Vintage and antique jewelry from renowned manufacturers that are no longer in business give vintage or antique jewelry more rarity and more value.

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