Can I ship my diamonds for appraisal and/or sale?

When you come directly to the diamond jewelry buyers at DeSumma and Wexler, there are absolutely no costs or obligations. We will intricately examine each piece of used diamond jewelry in front of you, and it will never leave your sight, leaving you completely at ease. We have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with no pressure, which is important when deciding what to do with your unwanted used diamond jewelry. Our diamond buyers evaluate your diamond, especially its cut, color, shape, and other qualities that help determine the price. We sit down and discuss your jewelry, its condition, and the selling price of your diamond after a thorough examination. This no stress, yet informative visit to the DeSumma and Wexler showroom allows you to make a conscious decision with a clear head.

DeSumma and Wexler does not offer a shipping service for used diamond jewelry appraisals or sales.  We feel that this type of shipping service can make it very difficult and expensive for the seller to get their diamonds back if they decide not to move forward with the sale.  Costs are generally covered when shipping your used diamond jewelry to the company, but if you want your jewelry to be shipped back to you, it can be loaded with unnecessary “shipping and insurance” costs.  These additional charges will affect your net proceeds.

Selling Your Used Diamond Jewelry at DeSumma and Wexler
If you are still unsure about what to do about your used diamond jewelry, or you’re curious about how much it may be worth, please feel free to fill out our online forms to learn more about the approximate buyout and consignment values of your piece.  The used jewelry sitting and collecting dust in your jewelry box can turn into cash in your pocket.